The UX of Videoconferencing

The UX of Videoconferencing
The importance of usability in design

A fully functional video conferencing user experience is now par for the course within enterprise level circles. Your prospects, clients and partners now expect reliable uptime and full service features. Any shortcomings are reflected upon your brand rather than the conferencing provider.

The WebRTC standard is bringing a stability to video conferencing that enterprise level companies can trust, with a full scale feature set that combines the convenience of Google Hangout with the robust functionality of a Citrix brand line product.

The Basics of WebRTC Joint Functionality

Three APIs provide the basic foundation of WebRTC apps, giving developers the means to more easily develop powerful user experiences. Continue reading “The UX of Videoconferencing”

Install a new PBX and… send your employees to work from home

Ufficio vuotoSuppose there is a company that would like to buy a new communication system.

What do you think they are searching for?
They are searching for all those features that help to improve the office work flow..

Your competitors do their best to extend the list of those features that would fit any type of business and any type of office…

Now you have two options: either you fight fiercely against them, or your use your brains and you simply change the playing field.

Change the playing field!
Take your customer outside the office* and stand out from the competition.

* (not physically but mentally)

Here is how you can do it:
While talking to your customer and trying to figure out the problems he or she has, ask this simple question:

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