Vertical Solutions for Retail, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare

Vertical Solutions for Retail, Education, Hospitality, HealthcareVertical Solutions based on Unified Communications features can be successfully implemented for different industries, including Retail, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare and Finance. In this blog article we will analyze some of these features and their ways of implementation.

Vertical Solutions for Retail / Education / Healthcare / Production Sites

Paging / Intercom

This feature allows for the delivery of audio messages, recorded or in real-time, to many users, typically using overhead speakers and other devices connected to the system.

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Unified Communications for Customer Support, Contact Center, and Marketing Activities

Unified Communications for Contact Center, Customer Support, Marketing ActivitiesIn the previous blog article we discussed how Unified Communications can improve the team collaboration and management. Today we will discover which features can help you win new customers and retain the existing ones by increasing the efficiency of your call center and marketing activities and improving your customer support.

Contact Center – Call Center – Sales / Support Teams

Website Integration

Today, users usually discover an organization via its website after a related web search. Besides valid contents, the website should integrate real-time communication features to allow potential and returning clients to get in touch with the team and improve your customer support.
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Unified Communications for Team Collaboration and Management

Unified Communications for Team Collaboration and ManagementIn the previous blog articles we discussed how different Unified Communications can simplify your business processes and automate your daily tasks. Now it’s time see how to apply and where to apply the previously discussed features. Of course, some are applicable to any kind of business, while others only apply to specific scenarios.  

In this blog article we will talk about team collaboration and management.

Office / Open Spaces

All teams working in offices can get great advantages from the adoption of an advanced communication system. Especially teams working in open spaces. In this environment, teams can take advantage of a system which provides better details about their ongoing activities and calls.
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A Wildix Response to Communication Trends

communication trendsOn April 3, 2018, there was an opinion piece posted on the Channel Partner’s blog titled “9 UC Trends Your Customers Are Talking About” written by Rhonda Trainor. The 9 trends were:

  1. Communications shift away from email. 
  2. The rise of BYOD. 
  3. Wired hardware is almost nonexistent. 
  4. Web-based communications systems.
  5. Collaboration goes beyond the conference room.
  6. Video: Not just for conferencing anymore.
  7. IoT adds more devices and increases collaboration.
  8. Beefing up security.
  9. Say hello to WebRTC. 

The article brings up some really strong points, and we could not agree with them more. So, here is our response to the points mentioned in the article:

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3 Tips to Improve Your Online Presence

improve online presense“In boxing, they say it’s the punch you don’t see coming that knocks you out. In the wider world, the reality we ignore or deny is the one that weakens our most impassioned efforts toward improvement.” – Katherine Dunn, novelist.

Continuous improvement in business is very important. If you read my first article in this series titled “Dealing with Industry Change,” you’re well aware that it’s important to keep up with current trends and remain relevant with the times.

It’s not only important to advance with new technology and be open to selling and installing new services and software – it’s equally as important to ensure that your company’s online presence is kept up to date.

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