What Wildix can do for the administration?

Wildix France
The Accounting French Office in Carcassonne

These days I’m working from our branch office in France, in Carcassonne, but for me everything remains the same, as if I were in our Trento office.

How is it possible?
I will share my personal experience.

Last week they offered me to visit our French branch office to make a point of some accounting matters, and I was a bit hesitant, since there is always much work to do and there are deadlines to respect.

But I told myself: isn’t it the best way to try our technology?
After three days that I’ve been working here, I can say that it could not be easier.

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The vacuum cleaner and Wildix Unified Communications

455421565Today I was peacefully at home, obviously working, but I will not repeat the story of how much Wildix technology helps me in this. No, what happened to me lasted only a second, it was just a thought.

And you might ask, what does this have to do with a vacuum cleaner?
Working from home has yes many advantages I wake up later in the morning, I save mileage with my car, I spend more time with my family – but forget the restaurant for lunch, I make myself a dish of pasta and off.
Time to get back to work, the table is full of crumbs and here is where the vacuum cleaner comes in.

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Learning is like rowing against the current…

Books “Any day spent learning something is never a day wasted”..

Many companies do not believe in this simple quote, because basically they do not believe in training.

Training is for many a waste of time, which takes away from work. But they do not realize that keeping constantly up to date is inevitable: learning is like rowing against the current, if you stop, you are pulled back.

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