Skype for Business?

Many of our partners and their customers are asking how to integrate Skype and Skype for Business (SFB) with Wildix and other SIP standard PBXs and especially how to make business integrating them. By the end of the article you will know what is working and can be used from today to integrate Skype with your SIP based PBX.

Let’s start with Skype

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Wednesday work from home!

dariaSix months have passed since Wildix employees have started to work from home on Wednesdays.
Everyone is enjoying this experiment.

This initiative was born from my working experience in Taiwan. I will tell you how the story evolved.

I’m the Wildix purchasing manager and to follow closely some of our suppliers and to improve some of our production processes, I’ve offered the company to spend one year in Taipei.

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What Wildix can do for the administration?

Wildix France
The Accounting French Office in Carcassonne

These days I’m working from our branch office in France, in Carcassonne, but for me everything remains the same, as if I were in our Trento office.

How is it possible?
I will share my personal experience.

Last week they offered me to visit our French branch office to make a point of some accounting matters, and I was a bit hesitant, since there is always much work to do and there are deadlines to respect.

But I told myself: isn’t it the best way to try our technology?
After three days that I’ve been working here, I can say that it could not be easier.

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